Completed petition Finally ban the manufacture, sale and use of animal snares in Wales

Ask most people in Wales and they would probably tell you that they believe the practice of setting snares for wild animals must have been banned in the dark ages, but sadly the truth is very different. In fact thousands of wild and domestic animals are killed or severely injured in Wales every year due to the use of snares.
Currently we only have a Code of best practice on their use despite the fact that the traps are fundamentally cruel. They have no place in a modern wildlife friendly Wales.

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Snares are thin wire nooses designed to trap and eventually cause the death of their victim. The very nature of their design means that they very often cause the limb amputation or strangulation of the trapped animal and a slow death.

To suggest a "Code of best practice" is the equivalent of having a "Code of best practice" for the use of the Electric Chair. Both are fundamentally cruel and inhumane.

It is also extremely difficult to enforce the regulations for snaring, which occurs primarily on private land in remote locations.

At a time when we are attempting to reintroduce many long lost (due to past ignorant persecution and hunting) species, such as the pine marten, red squirrel, deer, otter and even beaver, the indiscriminating design of the snare will mean that many of these protected species will end up being killed or severely injured.

These indiscriminate traps also pose a very real and unacceptable threat to our beloved family pet cats and dogs. Please make Wales snare free!

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