Closed petition Remove RSE from the mandatory element of the Curriculum Bill 2020.

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) is part of a Global Roll out of Sexuality Education which is not appropriate for this country. It sexualises children, fails to safeguard, read's like models of offending, has barriers to disclosure, and the local authority departments involved lack adequate training to spot the signs of Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, Harmful Sexual Behaviour, And much, more! In addition to that we have evidence those involved in the Welsh Curriculum lack knowledge of this global roll out.

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We are fighting the legislation not an education. No safeguarding measures in place. The research is wholly inadequate throughout. Here are some links to articles, websites and some suggested research topics which are about sexuality education:
"World Health Organisation- Standards in sexuality Education 2010 "
"UNESCO- International technical guidance on sexuality education 2018". (PAGE 4 IS THE DIRECT LINK)

Others who campaign against sexuality education in schools are:
• The Scottish Family Party
• Family Watch
• School gate campaign, England

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