Completed petition Introduce a moratorium on the approval any new large scale waste incinerators in Wales.

Given the effort to become a circular, zero waste economy, Welsh Government should introduce a moratorium on the development of any new waste incinerators, (including energy from waste) & halt the progression of any incinerator planning applications which are at the pre-application/pre-approval stages. Burning waste results in emissions, including Co2 which is not currently restricted under incinerator regs.

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In developing its Circular Waste strategy, it is clear from the consultation responses that respondents to the Welsh Gov consultation felt strongly against incineration:
As is stated in the above link: "Whilst stakeholders agreed with disincentivising incineration and recognised that an incineration tax may lessen the market for the nonrecycling of waste, it was frequently stated that a tax does not go far enough. In moving towards a circular economy, respondents viewed less waste would be generated and, therefore, the presence of incinerators would be incompatible with the concept."

Given that there are new incinerators in Wales at the pre-application & pre-approval stage, the Welsh Gov should halt the progression of any new incinerator developments, particularly whilst it develops its Circular Waste Strategy which should include consideration of its current incineration capacity.

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