Petition Adapt Local Lockdown message to "Stay Local" instead of by county borders

Local lockdowns are in place across all but 6 county boroughs in Wales. 2.3 million out of 3.1 million people are restricted to their county of residence. In county border communities, this is killing businesses & causing individuals to travel far greater distances to access the services they need. A Stay Local message, based on staying within one's own communities, would be much clearer, easier for the public to restrict their travel, & give businesses the opportunity to survive

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If the purpose of local lockdowns is to reduce movement, it is having the opposite effect. Examples:
A rural pub in south Powys, separated from the rest of Powys by mountains & valleys, where both roads out lead into different lockdown counties. So even though not locked down, all trade has been removed.
Ystalyfera & Ystradgynlais communities are so intertwined that businesses face losing 50% of their custom whichever side of the border they fall.
Residents of Hirwaun unable to drive 6 miles to return items in Merthyr Tydfil Marks & Spencer, but ok to travel 26 miles to the Llantrisant store, despite never visiting Llantrisant before.
Children taken to school in Glynneath, but parents can't stop in that town to support the local economy, they need to drive another 10 miles to Ystradgynlais before a 14 mile return journey home.
In Pontneddfechan, half the village is in Powys half in NPT. Forcing people OUT of their usual areas can't possibly be effective at reducing Covid spread

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