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Closed petition A clear policy and funding for hospitals and care homes for virtual visiting during times of lockdown

Sadly, were not alone being cut off from loved ones in hospital and care homes. My mum has alzheimers she isn't able to pick up a phone or use video chat to keep in touch. During the initial lockdown we didn't see what she looked like for 9 weeks, which was horrendous. Welsh Government guidelines are not clear enough and not all settings have the funds for equipment. This has to change. Everywhere should have a clear plan and ability to keep families in touch.

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Whilst I understand the safety needs around keeping vulnerable people safe from covid I don't understand the disregard for people's overall mental health. I know many people in the same situation with a loved one and not one hospital or care home are doing the same thing. Surely facilities and hospitals should have funding available and clear guidance on keeping families in touch as part of that person's holistic care. Welsh Government guidance states that people with learning disabilities or dementia should have visitors if not doing so would cause distress. You try proving that lack of contact is the cause of distress to someone who sometimes doesn't know who you are. Guidance states end of life is a reason for visits, but who decides at what point in that case you can visit? when the person isn't aware of you being there? It is not clear enough. Time is precious and we need clear guidance and funding so everywhere is following the same thing and families know there is hope in keeping in touch with their loved one.

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