Petition Make bullying and harassment in schools a criminal offence from the age of criminal responsibility

Too many children are suffering in silence, self harming or commiting suicide. Encouraging children to be kind to each other is not working. Bullies do not face the consequences of their actions. Make bullying and harassment a criminal offence for children of the age of criminal responsibility (10 years+)

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More often than not it is the victims and their families that deal with the consequences of bullying, not the bullies. Many children commit suicide or have their lives destroyed, but bullies live the rest of their lives without facing any repercussions or consequences for their actions. Children will often not speak out because they feel powerless and believe that the bullying can't be stopped. If it was made law then children may feel more confident in speaking out against their bullies. Bullying and harassment in the workplace is protected under the Equality Act 2010. Why can't children have those same protections?

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