Petition Support SMEs in hair and beauty industry during local lockdowns

We SMEs are heavily impacted by local lockdowns.

By preventing clients from entering a contained and sanitary space (covid compliant as per Welsh Gov guidelines) you are hindering our client bases from visiting.

This has a detrimental effect on our businesses which if continued will be catastrophic.

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We in the hair and beauty industry are safe

We check temperatures.
We adhere to full PPE.
We ensure a one in one out appointment system.

Despite this local lockdowns are reducing our client bases up to 80%.

We still have full utilities, salaries and rents to pay.

We are allowed to enter a clients home in a lockdown area which is not safe according to PHW but they are not allowed to enter our salons.

We need the Welsh Government to recognise us as a safe and regulated industry.

We have as an industry worked hard to ensure our salons are safe , compliant, sanitary and safe for the public to enter.

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