Petition Grants for limited companies left out of any support due to COVID-19

The government has supported companies that are V.A.T registered and businesses that have a turnover in excess of £50,000. The smaller companies that have less turnover and NOT V.A.T registered have been left out of any Non-Repayable support. The Economic resilience fund has been granting £10,000 for businesses that meet the criteria while the smaller businesses aiming to survive the pandemic and grow in the future have been overlooked and ignored. This unfair treatment needs to be corrected.

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I know of many businesses have been pushed up against a wall without any financial help just like mine.

My business operates in the hospitality sector supporting other establishments, I have PAYE employees, due to the pandemic from 03/2020 - 08/2020 my business income was £0.00. I had 3 weeks work during the eat out to help out scheme and once the scheme was finished so was my income. I want to be able to trade and continue trading after the pandemic but have not been given any financial support for my business other than being offered a bounce back loan in which i was reluctant to take as it produces future debt. If the government could offer a 25% grant of a business's annual turnover for lower earning companies who are not earning £50,000 would give smaller companies a chance to survive, progress, achieve and employ in the future. We have been left out, overlooked and ignored. We want a fair equal opportunity as has been given to others.

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