Rejected petition Make learning cpr in welsh schools compulsory

I performed cpr on an adult who had collapsed outside the leisure centre i work at. He was a parent of a child in a football team. Luckily he was by a facility where there were qualified first aiders. But what if you were in a feild with just your team and no one qualified? After some research i discovered that cpr is taught in England but not Wales. How many lives could this save if all children were taught it at school! This live skill will stay with someone all the way to adulthood.

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Alot of work has been done to provide defibrillators which is amazing - but that defibrillator might be useless if its taken 5/10 minutes to get it. Early CPR is vital and could help massively in saving someones life. Alot of people wouldn't have the confidence to give it a go, but if its taught in schools that life skill would stay with someone for a long time. Anything is better than doing nothing. Imagine a parent at home with a child and suddenly collapses. If that child knows that they need to ring 999 and perform CPR that person has a much higher chance of surviving. Another example is walking as a family somwhere remote - theres no help close by. Again that child could save a life.

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