Rejected petition Allow coaches to enter lockdown areas to continue to train children in their respective sports clubs

Qualified coaches from all sports are being prevented from coaching children in their chosen sports within their respective clubs because of the local lockdown boundaries.

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Clubs have introduced Covid safe procedures and follow NGB guidelines. Coaches within the county boundaries are permitted to coach whereas those who live outside the areas where their sports club reside cannot. This means many children are still unable to train in their chosen sport as their coach/es live outside the county from where the club resides. Following the recent WG announcement that children can now travel across county borders to train it is essential that coaches are available to facilitate such training. Many coaches are volunteers who give up their spare time willingly to coach children in their respective sports and are a vital lifeblood for grassroots sports. We would like the Senedd to permit Coaches to attend their sports clubs and to make it a “reasonable excuse” for entering a lockdown area so that children can continue to train in their chosen sport.

Why was this petition rejected?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.

In light of changes to the Coronavirus regulations, which mean that the action called for by the petition has now been taken, the petitioner withdrew the petition.

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