Completed petition Let pubs and bars trade, cancel the curfew

Licensees of bars and pubs follow strict procedures in order to trade and to ensure that staff and patrons are kept safe at all times.

With added socially distancing measures in place, licensees across the country have shown they were able to do this and still trade, keep their venues open and securing jobs.

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The Sage documents show that experts dismissed the idea of a 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants before it was implemented across England.

The First Minister himself states there is no prove to link rise in cases to bars, pubs and restaurants.
"Evidence in the Gwent Police force area shows that the rising number of cases are not being caused by pubs and restaurants, First Minister Mark Drakeford has claimed."

Venues are reporting upto a 93% downfall since August compared to previous year.

With very little support available and uncertainty, this is causing more worry and stress on owners within hospitality.

We are calling on the Welsh Government to cancel the 10pm curfew, let venues trade in accordance to their licence and save our night time economy.

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