Closed petition Protect leaseholders in Wales from paying for cladding remedial works

Thousands of flat leaseholders in Wales are facing huge bills to pay for cladding remedial work and an EWS1 form to confirm that not only is there no ACM cladding (like Grenfell) but also no 'combustible material', regardless of whether the buildings had previously passed regulations.

The costs should be covered by the Government and councils as many leaseholders can't afford to pay for these repairs.

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Leaseholders shouldn't be the ones having to pay for these repairs, as they were up to the correct standard before the UK Government's new advice in January 2020. We cannot sell our flats, or remortgage, until the work is complete, as mortgage lenders are providing a NIL value as our homes are now viewed as 'unsafe'.

In England, the Building Safety Fund is being utilised to help the repairs for buildings over 18m, the Welsh Government are using this money for COVID-19 instead. Welsh Government money should be used for the same purpose in Wales and for all flat buildings - as the new advice isn’t just for buildings over 18m. While the Pandemic is important, leaseholders need to be safe in their homes.

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