Closed petition Publish clear evidence that COVID 19 is spread by pubs and restaurants practising social distancing

The Welsh Government cannot produce clear evidence to justify the unilateral decision to introduce a fire break national shutdown for the ongoing 17 day period. They also have not published an exit strategy from the ongoing restrictions.

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Many people are disgusted that the Welsh Government enforce the ongoing Covid restrictions. Many argue it is an affront to human rights in a civilised democratic society.

The restrictions should be advisory only with the consequences for individuals clearly communicated. I.E risk of infection, illness, passing infection to others and possible death.

Many people are concerned about the ongoing collapse of the economy, people's livelihoods, suspended hospital treatments for non-covid related illness, severe travel restrictions etc.

Unable to get tested without displaying any symptoms, unable to have an antibody test.

All of this with no real tangible evidence demonstrated by Welsh Government health statistics.

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