Rejected petition End the firebreak lockdowns

A firebreak lockdown was implemented on the whole of Wales, despite the low number of cases. In Carmarthenshire, there were only 16 coronavirus cases before the lockdown was implemented. Not only is a national lockdown in areas with low coronavirus cases impractical, the cost of lockdown will be extreme.

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The financial cost of the lockdown is estimated at £500 million.

The mental toll of the lockdown will worsen, with increased levels of stress, loneliness and worry. In the initial lockdown more than a third of people experienced an increase in mental health and well-being issues such as loneliness, (41% rise) , worry (38% rise ), and sadness (37% rise).

With schools and colleges closed for the majority of children, education will once again be adversely impacted, affecting the futures of children for a generation. This is despite the Welsh Government saying that the harm of keeping schools closed outweigh the benefits.

Yet, this damaging lockdown has been implemented, with talks about a further “open ended national lockdowns” should the firebreak be unsuccessful, and another firebreak lockdown early next year.

This virus is not going to go away. We must learn to live with it in a way that is not detrimental to the Welsh people or the economy.

Sign this petition to protest against the implementation of firebreak and national lockdowns.

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