Closed petition Allow choristers and youth choirs to sing in Wales and young musicians to play in groups

At the start of lockdown singing was viewed as highly dangerous, however scientific studies are showing time and again that singing is no more dangerous than speaking when carried out in an orderly risk assessed fashion. Research shows that singing is a perfectly safe to engage in, especially in large, we'll ventilated spaces like cathedrals. Welsh Government still are not allowing children and young people to sing as they have said due to age and underlying health issues it is too dangerous

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Church in England have allowed choristers to return from September and as yet there have been no reported covid breakouts as result. Cathedrals and churches that have returned have all carried out risk assessments to ensure the safety of choir and congregation.

Much consideration has been given to the mental and physical well-being of young athletes, gymnasts and other youth sports but singers and musicians are not being given the same consideration.

Many musicians and choristers practice and train just as hard as athletes and their wellbeing and development are currently being disregarded.

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