Rejected petition Allow children and adults to play outdoor sports including grass roots football and rugby.

According to the governments own data. Diabetes is largely contributed to being over weight. People who are overweight have a much higher chance of developing diabetes All people are more susceptible to the covid disease if they are overweight and / or have diabetes

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My son was very active and never stood still. Being very athletic he played rugby, footbal and Mixed Martial Arts. He was as fit as any young boy can be. Exercising at least 8 hours per week. However, when not able to exercise during the lockdown in spring he gained weight and since resuming football he is gradually loosing weight.
And now there’s the firebreak. And what else to come. By the governments own papers. Spread outdoors is practically zero. Outdoor sports must be allowed to continue. Overweight people have a higher susceptibility of diabetes and therefore dying of covid.So let’s not create more underlying health issues. Covid may not go away. We must find ways to keep the people of Wales healthy and fit. And that’s allowing outdoor sports!

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