Rejected petition Hold a vote of no confidence in the Welsh Government

We call on the Senedd to hold a vote of no confidence in the Welsh Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic in Wales. We further call on the Senedd to hold a vote of no confidence in the present Welsh Government’s ability to rebuild Wales after the eventual end of the pandemic.

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Welsh Government has refused to take responsibility for its own failures and those of Welsh public bodies in their response to the Covid pandemic in Wales, for instance their failure to procure PPE, the scandal of the release of patients into care homes without ensuring there was no risk of transmitting Covid into care homes and gross breach(es) of data protection.

Instead, they have sought on each occasion to blame someone else, whether that be the local authorities, health boards or UK Government.

Learning lessons involves acknowledging and accepting responsibility for mistakes, something that the Welsh Government is incapable of doing.

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It’s about appointments or resignations.

We can't accept petitions about appointments or resignations through the Senedd’s petitions process. This includes calling for Ministers to be sacked, resign or for a vote of no confidence.

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