Closed petition Give legal protection to designated Special Landscape Areas in Wales

In response to our Climate Emergency we ask the Welsh Government to safeguard Special Landscape Areas for future generations.

SLAs are areas of high landscape importance for environmental, physical, visual, cultural or historical value and may be unique, exceptional or distinctive but they are NOT PROTECTED.

Their ancient woodlands, rare species, special areas of habitat or the setting in which they exist are vulnerable to new roads, business parks or other damaging developments.

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An example of an SLA at risk is in and around the conservation village of Pendoylan in the Ely Valley through which the Vale of Glamorgan Council propose building a new freight road. This road will destroy ancient woodland and endangered wildlife habitat as well pollute the air and water courses on which this SLA depends.

Sadly, being a Special Landscape Area carries no protection so planners and developers are at liberty to develop whatever schemes they wish.

We call on the Welsh Government to be mindful of their commitment to environmental and climate change policies and of their responsibilities to the Wellbeing of the Future Generations Act.

The unique areas of Wales that have already been identified as Special Landscape Areas need urgent legal protection.

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