Rejected petition Establish a presumption against the felling of mature trees in Wales

We are losing native broadleaf trees at a tremendous rate. Felling can have massive impact on wildlife, biodiversity, environment, our own wellbeing and ultimately on climate, yet few trees have Tree Preservation Orders, and there is little policy protection for the remainder.

Policy needs to protect our tree resource and slow the decline of canopy cover. A licence should be required for the felling of any mature tree, and be granted only in exceptional and clearly defined circumstances.

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There is little point planting new trees if we continue cutting down mature trees. Young transplants cannot ‘replace’ the canopy of a single hundred-year old oak, and cannot provide significant benefit for many years. How much simpler and more effective to retain existing canopy habitats.

Current regulations require a licence from NRW for felling of over 5m3 of timber in any 3 month period; this volume equates to several trees.

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