Petition Allow all the Performing Arts to re-open - live music, dance, theatres and concert halls.

Why can we sit on a plane wearing a mask with no social distancing for 8 hours... but we can't watch a concert under those same conditions?
Why can people in pubs/cafes sit 2m apart, talk and not wear masks... but we can't sit in silence watching live music, sat 2m apart?
Why can we watch a film in the cinema, or listen to a priest in a church, but not watch 1 solo musician perform indoors?
The Welsh Government must stop unfairly treating the arts and live music while everything else has reopened.

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Salzburg festival held this year- no cases.

Berlin Philharmonic opened this year.

England reopened concert halls and live music this year.

The Statutory Instrument currently in force has concert halls closed until Feb 2021 which means for the first time in history, Wales will have banned live music for a year. Wales also crushed the arts over Summer by banning even outdoor concerts when virtually every other country in Europe allowed them.

The Welsh Governmen refuses to let the arts open on the same terms as it allows schools, shops and hospitality to operate. This is hypocrisy and grossly unfair. Either masks and social distancing work, or they don't.

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