Petition Implement a legal limit on the number of dogs allowed in an adjoined property

Living next door to 9 dogs for the last 5 years with countless sleepless nights and days between my shifts and an ongoing noise complaint I have set up this petition to the Welsh Government on laws for the number of dogs allowed in a property where the excessive barking would cause the adjoining neighbour alarm and distress.

Simply having a council fine just isn’t enough and the issue needs to be stopped at the point of homing excessive amounts of dogs.

More details

I have a statement I sent to the council which I would be more than happy to share when needed.

3 hours of the day is spent recording the dogs for our noise complaint case.

The neighbour is often abusive when approached or on receiving the council notices.

My belief is not allowing people to reach excessive number of dogs in an adjoined property or a busy residential area would eliminate the cause of the issue.

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