Rejected petition Refer Tax and Revenue raising powers to a Referendum in Wales.

Regarding Tax Raising powers,it was promised that this issue would be put to the People of Wales. Sadly it seems that this has been forgotten by the Welsh Government. Wales is not an Independent Country and remains an integral part of the UK. Differences in Tax and Revenue collecting systems may cause confusion and problems as regards the rest of the UK.

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Ultimately,if the Welsh Government should want to push on with Tax and Revenue raising powers,it should offer the People of Wales a Referendum on Full Independence from the United Kingdom. I reflect on past Referenda to do with the Welsh Assembly Government and the distinctly poor turnouts at the Ballot box,which reflects on the distinct lack of interest in Devolution generally.

Why was this petition rejected?

It asks the Senedd to do something that it is not able to do.

The Wales Act 2014 provided the Senedd with the power to legislate on certain devolved taxes and to set rates of income tax for Welsh taxpayers. The requirement for a referendum to be held before income tax powers were devolved was removed by the UK Parliament in the Wales Act 2017.

Therefore the removal of the requirement to hold a referendum was the responsibility of the UK Parliament, not the Senedd. A referendum on Welsh independence would also need to be called by the UK Government or the UK Parliament, or specific powers would need to be granted to the Senedd in order for such a referendum to take place.

As a result, it is not possible for the Senedd to take the action called for by your petition.

We may be able to accept a petition which called for a poll to be held to ascertain public views on how the tax powers available to Welsh Ministers should be used.

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