Rejected petition Request the Welsh Assembly Gov. to back the UK Gov. to produce tidal power from the Severn Estuary.

The people of Wales and the South West do not want nuclear power in the Severn Estuary. A new Severn Lake Energy Causeway (the old Severn Barrage) will provide clean, green and secure energy to negate the nuclear threat. All of the assessments have been done and the grass roots green lobby support the scheme.

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Since 2006 there has been a concerted effort to build a Severn Energy Causeway. Feasibility studies and all other assessments have been positive. There is now available brand new technology which can recover power from the Severn on ebb and flow twice daily. There is no risk in that existing technology can provide a power supply for one hundred years. The project will be the biggest civil engineering project in Europe creating tens of thousands of much needed jobs in Wales and in the South-West. Along with this, the ribbon development around the eventual 'Lake' would be enormous and an added bonus would be the automatic flood protection upstream of the Causeway. The Government at Westminster is now prepared to accept a private developer to construct this much needed UK asset. With the Government's new freedoms and the promised reductions in red-tape and bureaucracy should send the right signals to get this scheme underway.... 'Let's Do It'!

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