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Completed petition Stop the mass isolation of healthy school children!

Children isolating for 14 days is so detrimental to their mental and physical well being, it is disproportionate to the risk of their exposure to corona virus in the first place.

Some children are enduring their third period of isolation in as many months! Children with additional needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds are even more adversely affected.

Working ( non isolating) parents are suffering with employers not always sympathetic in these tough economic times.

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Introduce instant corona virus testing for school children who have been potentially exposed to the virus. This is being rolled out in our care homes and airports, so why not in our schools?

To reduce the so called risk of a “false negative”, the test could be taken a few days after the potential exposure .

Any reduction in the 14 day isolation period will be a huge benefit to the children.

It should be noted that often the children isolating has never had contact with the infected child (often the case in secondary schools).

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