Closed petition The Dignity Charter to inspire all citizens to become ambassadors of and for Wales

We call on the Senedd to urge the Welsh Government to introduce a Dignity Charter of Cymru. The purpose of this would be to introduce a Moral and Ethical Code of conduct and therefore excellence for everyday and professional citizenship in order to encourage and inspire each and every citizen to become accountable role-models and ambassadors for and of Wales.

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There ought to be new Welsh Government measures to address Welsh issues on morality and ethical standards throughout Cymru in order for each and every one of us to attain levels of excellence and become conscientiously accountable citizens and role models both for the future young of Cymru as well as ambassadors in the community of world nations. It will be the first accountable movement in modern Welsh history to set the standards to be met to attain social and ethical levels of excellence in order to become a people of World ambassador standards.

The Dignity Charter will be both an integral model of excellence and icon of decency mandate in order to inspire adults, their children, the young and their children's children to greater expectations, the Welsh way. A social charter guiding, empowering and enlightening new standards of excellence in the way we both speak and behave amongst each other.

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