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Petition Provide Free Period Products for all Menstruating People in Wales

The £3.1 million provided to schools in Wales to purchase sanitary products is not enough to keep all young women out of period poverty and stay in education. Having experienced period embarrassment first-hand, I know how it feels to sit through a lesson, bleeding through my sanitary product because I was too embarrassed to ask a friend, or teacher, if I could borrow a panty liner. We need to end the stigma around periods, and give all women free sanitary products.

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1 in 10 girls aged 14-21 in the UK can't afford sanitary products. 49% of girls have missed a day of school because of this. Young girls are risking their physical health by making improvised sanitary products from tissue, socks and plastic bags.
This isn’t just an issue for young teenagers. 56% of 18-24 year olds have had to go a day without period essentials, or cut down on them due to lack of funds.
Many women are embarrassed by their periods, and are even embarrassed about buying necessary sanitary products for them.This shame is incredibly harmful as it prevents necessary conversations about periods, which ultimately leads to a lack of knowledge of the implications that come with menstruating. For example, the lack of effective menstrual cramp pain relief, which is shown to reduce classroom performance.

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