Completed petition Stop giant Solar farm which will destroy ancient meadows near Abergavenny

103 acres at Penpergwm on prime farmland in Monmouthshire.

It is almost as big as the three existing solar arrays in the area combined. Where will the next be?

Due to its size and prominence any planning application will be determined by the Welsh Government not Monmouthshire County Council, who have refused the Environmental Screening Application made by the developers for Great House Energy.

The Welsh Government have accepted it despite there being many questionable findings.

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Three public footpaths and a bridle way cross these beautiful historic meadows with native hedgerows, flora and fauna.

Its elevation and prominence make it visible for miles around, from Clytha hill, the Blorenge and surrounding areas some major tourist attractions.

It will compromise ancient farmsteads and houses, almost surround two Grade 2 listed buildings and close to recent archaeological digs.

Proposed access roads were built for horses and carts and are used by walkers and horse riders - totally unsuitable for HGV traffic.

How green is solar power? Rare earth and heavy metals used to produce panels and batteries (Which at present cannot be recycled) are often mined by exploited low paid workers in poor countries and then transported vast distances.

We all want green energy but we don’t have to destroy the green to get it. There are many alternatives.

We respectfully ask the Welsh Government to refuse any future planning applications associated with this development.

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