Petition Targeted funding for residential outdoor education centres, now unable to operate for 12 months.

Centres across Wales have had to close their doors to school visits for what will be at least 12 months due to government restrictions. They have received no additional funding to any other businesses yet have lost almost all their income. These centres not only provide vital educational services but large inward investment into rural parts of Wales along with many skilled jobs. Without financial support many will close leaving rural areas, local suppliers, services and trades devastated.

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The Scottish government has announced a £2 million fund for Scottish centres to help their centres survive the pandemic. To achieve the same in Wales a £10 million package would be needed. These centres form a larger part of the economy in Wales than in Scotland. In North Wales alone the annual income of these centres is around £50 million supporting 900 jobs. The figure for Wales nationally will be more than double this.

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