Rejected petition Allow parents/carers the CHOICE to take their children out of school two weeks before Christmas.

Children removed from school would have a decreased chance of catching COVID and therefore of having to self-isolate over Christmas
Parents/carers could choose to keep children in school which would allow continued childcare provision as well as provision for more vulnerable children and parents
Less children in school would reduce the spread of the virus and increase protection for remaining children / staff
Children taken out of school should be provided with basic home school learning

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There is currently a petition to close schools two weeks before Christmas. This would create childcare issues for many parents and may leave childcare in the care of more vulnerable grandparents. It would also increase the vulnerability of some families and children who rely on school for well-being, safeguarding and practical provision. This petition instead gives parents /carers the choice and yet still decreasing the spread of the virus and chances of having to self-isolate over Christmas for all.

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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.

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