Closed petition Increase the teaching and readily available information on drugs in Welsh secondary schools

I aim to make information on drugs more widely available in Welsh secondary schools in hope to increase Welsh children’s understanding of drugs and the culture surrounding it. I think that it would be detrimental to a child to not know about drugs and the implications they can cause. Please consider signing this petition in order to create a more informed youth on drugs, this way individuals will be able to make better and more educated choices. Thank you for reading.

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The amount of information taught on drugs in schools is not enough. My personal experience in school was one day of being told about different drugs and their health effects. I was able to develop my knowledge on drugs in school through taking GCSE PE. And still, I believe this is not enough. I have had conversations with teachers surrounding this topic but it feels like I am getting nowhere. I have made this petition not only to urge the Education Ministers in Wales to implement more mandatory teaching on drugs into the secondary school syllabus, but to also consider teaching children the detrimental effects of accepting a ‘drug culture’. When I say this, I mean, drug dealing. I can completely acknowledge the stigma and animosity given to the idea of increasing the information of drug awareness in schools but, If you have visited Cardiff City Centre you may have an understanding that the drug use there is extremely prevalent and this is where thousands of kids go to socialise.

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