Completed petition Allow new adoptive parents to form a support bubble in alert level 4

Allow new adoptive parents to form support bubbles in any move to do so for new parents with children under one years old.

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I have just come across a petition to allow parents of children under the age of 1 to form a support bubble. The petition specifically states 'Mums who gave birth in 2020' as it is recognized that being a new mum is difficult even under normal circumstances. This new rule would be the same as the rule that is currently in place across England.

Unfortunately, overlooks new adoptive parents who may be extremely new to parenthood but with children over the age of one. Adopting a baby under one is very rare as almost all children in the care system are over 12 months by the time they are placed with their forever family. Adoption is a gruelling process and during early placement it is vital that parents of adopted children have the support of loved ones to ease the transition into parenthood while creating a bond with a new child.

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