Rejected petition Restore Wales' participation in the Erasmus programme

The Erasmus programme has enriched the lives of Welsh students, particularly from more disadvantaged backgrounds. It has enriched our universities by welcoming European students. It has helped to secure the place of Wales in the international community.
Boris Johnson has ditched Erasmus despite promises not to do so. Hywel Ceri Jones, an active figure in setting up Erasmus, has described this as a “severe blow to young people”.
The Senedd should find a way for Wales to participate in Erasmus.

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The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act requires the Welsh Government to act for the benefit of those who are young today. One of the aims of the Act is a “globally responsible Wales”. This can only be achieved if we forge strong connections between young people internationally. The Government is legally required to implement the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

Why was this petition rejected?

It asks the Senedd to do something that it is not able to do.

The Welsh Government does not have the power to enter into legally binding international agreements, as would be required in order to re-join the Erasmus+ scheme as a non-EU Programme Country. This is the responsibility of the UK Parliament.

The Welsh Government may be able to establish its own international exchange scheme for students and you may wish to sign the following petition on this subject:

Start a Welsh student Erasmus Scheme for students who study in Wales with European Union countries

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