Rejected petition All schools in Wales should offer Online Zoom Style education, not just send home work.

Covid-19 has certainly changed all our lives. Our education system has adapted to this by offering "online learning" which for a large majority of schools means sending work home via an online system.

While we understand why children should stay at home it is vital they receive an education. It should be made law that all schools offer Zoom style classrooms so that pupils can receive the education they deserve.

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We all know that Face to Face teaching is the gold standard, online classrooms will not replace that but having to attend a Zoom style education will give pupils the opportunity to engage with their teacher, ask questions and perhaps even interact with other pupils. With the rise of social media this should be second nature to most pupils so they should be able to engage without issue.

We thank teachers for all the work they have done so far, this is not meant to be a negative reflection of that. However we believe there is more that can be done to avoid a lost generation.

These Zoom style classrooms are already being used in some schools and colleges but not all. Please ensure that all schools and colleges receive the support they need to offer this successfully.

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