Petition Cancel externally set ‘assessments’ in 2021 for AS and A levels and only use teacher assessed grades

Students all across Wales have struggled significantly this year which has led to low self-esteem and negative mental health issues. Students have hardly been in a classroom and yet we are expected to sit externally set assessments that we still haven’t had clarity on. We are not learning in our homes, when i go to school i am aware that it is time to learn but learning in our homes is a huge contrast to learning in a classroom where you are face to face with a teacher

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Last year we were in school for the majority of time and yet exams were still cancelled and when compared to this year where we have been pulled out of school constantly, schools have been closed and then re-opened and students have constantly been in a state of panic due to that feeling of being left in the dark and yet a form of exams which you call ‘assessments’ are still going ahead. England has now made the decision to use teacher assessed grades which is an amazing decision which shows their appreciation for the students of their country and shows respect and trust for their teachers. I believe that we should follow England's decision to help decrease the worry that all students across Wales are currently feeling. Students are feeling at a disconnect to their government as it feels that we are not cared about, We do not know what to revise for! We do not know what is ahead of us in these “unprecedented times”! And we don’t know whether our government is with us or against us!

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