Rejected petition Reduce tuition fees for University Students in Wales

This academic year, students were promised a comprehensive blended learning experience with a combination of in-person and online learning. This simply hasn't happened. The vast majority of University students have experienced barely any in person learning activity and have been confined to their rooms to study in an online environment.

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Unfortunately online learning isn't what students came to University for. A whole host of technical difficulties both on the student and staff side can make the experience abysmal and social learning and practical study opportunities have been drastically reduced.

In light of this, students should not be forced to pay the same amount for tuition as they would in a normal year. This is not 'business as usual'. Universities have tried their best to deliver a comprehensive teaching package but unfortunately students are still struggling, learning less, and are at risk of not meeting their learning outcomes. Therefore I am calling on the Senedd and the Welsh Government to reduce tuition fees for this academic year.

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