Completed petition Call for fair funding for the National Library of Wales by the Welsh Government

We call for fair funding by the Welsh Government to the National Library of Wales, one of the world’s great libraries, a repository of the historic, artistic and intellectual treasures of Wales. With no increased support from Welsh Government, 30 jobs are to be cut and services seriously curtailed. Freedom, prosperity and the development of society and individuals are fundamental human values, attained by well-informed citizens with unlimited access to thought, culture and information.

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To ensure that the National Library of Wales continues with delivering comprehensive services to all, we ask the Welsh Government to increase its financial support, ensuring that it remains a gateway to knowledge, providing lifelong learning. Libraries cannot be expected to generate their own income in the same way as businesses.

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The Petitions Committee decided not to refer this petition for a debate

The Committee considered the petition on 9 February 2021 and decided not to refer the petition for a debate on the basis of additional funding for the National Library of Wales recently announced by the Welsh Government.