Completed petition Revise the guidance for Free School Meals, removing the option for delivery of food parcels

Awful images of English food parcels have been circulated, resulting in Westminster committing to provide vouchers for all. In Wales there are still 3 Councils handing out food parcels. Families have shared images of parcels where there is little choice, not meeting dietary requirements and reports of mouldy fresh produce. Some parents are missing deliveries due to work, leaving children hungry.

I know the stigma of FSM, it's time to empower families to choose what their children eat.

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The guidance that best supports families is to commit to BACS payments as default, with the provision of vouchers where requested.

The Bevan Foundation recommends all local authorities should provide cash payments to avoid problems with the quality and quantity of food in food parcels as well as stigma.

The Child Poverty Action Group outline why cash first:
* Cash gives people dignity by removing the stigma that often comes with using in-kind support or vouchers
* Cash payments provide choice and control by enabling families to use support in a way that works best for them, enabling them to meet the multiple needs that they have.
* Cash is the preferred option for most low-income families.
* Cash removes the complex or expensive arrangements with suppliers of in-kind support.
* Cash payments allow families better value for money
* Boost to the local economy as more likely spent with local, independent retailers, rather than supermarkets.

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