Closed petition The inauguration of an Honorary National System of Awards; The Cymru Knighthood Award

We the Welsh public dearly wish to bring Dignity to our Nation's Achievers

It is a sheer tragedy that so many of our Nations' achievers lie buried, forgotten and uncelebrated in graves around the World.... throughout our proud and long history

Long it has been my wish to honour these beautiful souls, here in Cymru who have passed into history and who's hearts must have been broken knowing that they did not get their true recognition in........ "The Land of Our Mothers & Fathers"

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I would never have accepted any Award associated with the "British Empire" in the United Kingdom's National Honorary system of Awards; Michael Sheen, to his great credit, has made history and helped to unchain the people of Cymru with his significant and gallant actions

It has hurt me deeply that our Government here in Cymru has not wished to raise the profile and honour our Nation's many brilliant and worthy minds, whilst they have lived amongst us; I have been heartbroken for the forgotten many

The St David's Awards was a start but we need to bring greater kudos to who we are as a Nation, after-all we are the people who brought into the World, the tales of King Arthur and his Knights; let us round the equation and bring accountability, decency, dignity & respect to our lost & achievers

We as a Nation of people should all come together as one, to pull together, to reach out, to dignify these lost souls of Cymru. Let us do this now before another icon passes into heaven uncelebrated & unloved

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