Closed petition Conduct an independent inquiry into the death of Glyn Summers and the actions of Coleg y Cymoedd

We call on the Welsh Parliament to conduct a full public independent investigation, so Glyn’s family can finally get clarity on the events surrounding his tragic death nearly 10 years ago.

Glyn's family have reason to believe that college staff gave permission for Glyn to consume alcohol underage and enter an over-21 bar, without supervision whilst on a college trip. Shortly after Glyn fell from his hotel balcony and died a week later from his injuries.

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Coleg y Cymoedd conducted its own internal investigation but is refusing to release this to Glyn's family. We propose legislation is created to ensure that no family has to fight public services to release information relating to fatal incidents. Action is needed to ensure appropriate processes are in place to deal with emergencies and the safety of students in Wales.

Glyn's family demand an apology for the gross misconduct of college staff surrounding the events of Glyn's tragic death and the inconsequential investigation conducted.

We also ask the Welsh Parliament to implement sufficient legislation for those who need to challenge public services where professional misconduct occurs. This will help safeguard our most vulnerable people.

Losing Glyn has been devastating to his family. This has been compounded by watching the same educational body refuse to take accountability for their actions and to learn the lessons needed to ensure no fatalities like this happen again.

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