Rejected petition Consider Special Education as essential

Current guidance states special education can stay open “where possible”. This is a petition to request the Government reconsider this so all learners have the option to attend school during lockdown rather than a select few.

People with special educational needs are really struggling with new life and the disruption of their routines. For example somebody diagnosed with ASD or Autism relies on familiarity and structure. When this is broken it can cause a negative change in behaviour.

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We can all agree we are going through a very difficult time, and it is a big change for us all but that shouldn’t mean the people who need extra support should have to suffer. I have 2 family members that attend special schools and they are both experiencing very negative effects of being out of school, which is also hard for the people around them doing their absolute best to console them.

Why was this petition rejected?

It did not collect enough signatures to be referred to the Petitions Committee.

Petitions need to receive at least 250 signatures before they can be considered in the Senedd.

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