Petition Provide a road map for how weddings can progress in Wales

The Prime Minister stated that weddings should begin getting back to normal after Easter, however no guidance has been given in Wales.

It is important for the economy that weddings are allowed to begin again and to include receptions. However, as weddings take months to plan couples and business involved in the wedding sector require clear guidance on how to expect weddings to take place over the coming months.

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In 2017 approximately 13,197 weddings took place (office of national statistics).
95% of couples have postponed their weddings with many of these scheduled for this year on top of those who planned to marry this year. (UK wedding task force)

It is therefore important to provide clear guidance at the soonest opportunity to help boost the economy through allowing weddings to include receptions.

This should include numbers being dictated by capacity of the venue taking into consideration social distancing and allowing for mass testing of all guests before attending the wedding /event.

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