Petition Place Cardiff Children's Services into special measures and conduct an urgent independent review

Cardiff Social Services and in particular Children’s Services are in complete meltdown. A recent inspection by CIW has been described as a whitewash with staff being told "to toe the party line". Families are being failed and torn apart, children are being removed from loving parents and victims of domestic abuse then forced to have contact with the abuser.

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One family whose daughter was the victim of horrendous physical and sexual domestic abuse at the hands of her ex partner has had her child removed following a Family Court process where selective evidence was used to pass the threshold. The victim had no less than 9 different social workers in a 12 month period and 4 in 3 weeks after the birth of her child. Most recently a social worker that had been with the lady for less than 6 weeks left telling the lady that "she could no longer work for Cardiff Children’s services as they were in turmoil and failing" This situation cannot continue, families should not be destroyed because an organisation or its staff cannot manage workloads and have an agenda to take all cases to court offering no support and intervention or work to keep families together.

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