Closed petition Stop the Welsh government & public groups from making Wales a Nation of Sanctuary

The Welsh government and public groups, are actively promoting Wales as "a nation of sanctuary" for foreign nationals (refugees and asylum seekers) to come and live in Wales. This is NOT the will of the majority of the people in Wales. The Welsh government have yet to consult with their constituents (ie the Welsh nation), regarding this matter. If Wales becomes the Nation of Sanctuary, the Welsh heritage will very quickly be eroded away.

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On they state (and i quote) "We’re pleased we already have the support of Welsh Government and have started some really exciting work with universities, the health service and trade unions". Just because a very small minority of people in Wales, are willing to open their arms, homes and country to refugees and asylum seekers, that DOES NOT represent the majority of the Welsh nation.

We as a nation simply can not sustain any more refugees and asylum seekers to be placed/housed in Wales. The Welsh government can not afford to look after people and families that are struggling to put food on the table or a roof over their heads as is. There are thousands of people/families (including children) that are homeless in Wales and require urgent help. The money saved by not accepting these refugees and asylum seekers into Wales, could go towards helping people of Wales that really need it.

We (the signed) want to abolish Wales as a nation of sanctuary.

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