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It is absolutely shocking that some of our most endangered birds, including Woodcock, Pochard, Black Grouse and Snipe are still allowed to be shot in Wales.
These species are currently on the RED and AMBER list of birds of conservation concern 4. That means that they are currently of the highest conservation priority in the UK.
We fully understand that shooting may not be the main cause of their decline, but at the moment when they need maximum protection allowing them to be shot is madness.

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We are calling for a complete ban on the shooting of all birds on the red and amber list of conservation concern 4.
Experts are collating ecological and scientific evidence on the health of a species, but the law and gun lobby choose to ignore the facts.
There are around only 200 Black Grouse surviving in Wales. This Red listed species exposes the hypocrisy of spending large amounts of money on trying to conserve this vulnerable species yet allowing them to be shot at the same time.
With its beautiful plumage and camouflage, the Woodcock is another Red listed species currently being targeted by shoots, even though they are experiencing dramatic population decline.
Although game shooting in the UK is controlled by having an open and closed season, which restricts the time of year birds may be shot, we are calling for a total ban on the shooting of these endangered birds. Whilst many call these shoots a tradition, it is time for a change in the law to protect our struggling wildlife.

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