Closed petition Provide a date for the return of Organised Children's Activities for Babies & Toddlers

Between September and December 2020, we were able to bring face to face classes back to indoor settings, fully following Welsh Government Legislation.

We had no outbreaks at classes and were extremely diligent and proactive about providing a safe environment for classes, whilst also providing all the benefits that classes can bring to Parents & Carers and their young children.

We are still running online classes but we need a date to be able to bring face to face classes back.

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Young children have often been overlooked in this pandemic, as have their parents.
We have been massively concerned about Parents being isolated and the effect on their mental health during the last year.

With families living further apart, a vital part of building their support network is to be able to meet other parents with young children, in a safe and welcoming environment.
There has been a chance to do this at online Baby classes, but trying to connect with people you haven’t met yet can be hard.

Young children who don’t attend private nursery have missed out on the opportunity and all the benefits of socialising with babies and children, a massive part of their development.

They have also missed out on the chance to explore and to benefit from developmental activities, plus activities which boost bonding between parent and child.

Parents really need us to be able to bring back safely our classes.

We also, as a sector, need this for our businesses to remain viable.

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