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Rejected petition Prevent Torfaen County Borough Council from allowing any more green belt developments.

In Torfaen, development is out of control. The area is seen by developers as a cash-cow, for cheap development potential, with high profits. The prices of properties make the vast majority unattainable to local residents and the sheer numbers are overloading our local infrastructure; with no consideration to future-proofing of public services.

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Not only are we seeing mass development, we are losing our local wildlife, at an unprecedented rate. Schools And parks are being sold, public facilities are not being re-developed to cope with the exponential growth in population and roads are over-congested; leading to high pollution levels, in residential areas.
This all needs to be stopped and rules be passed, to prevent Torfaen from becoming a satellite, housing estate for Bristol/Cardiff.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

Decisions about whether to approve or reject planning applications are made by local authorities.

Petitions which ask the Senedd to intervene in the operational decisions or actions of local authorities, including planning decisions, are not admissible.

You could consider contacting Torfaen County Borough Council or your local representatives about this matter instead.

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