Petition Make horse tethering, with or without shelter, illegal and an act of cruelty in Wales

In Wales it is currently not illegal to tether horses. Everyone must have seen a beautiful horse tethered on a short chain at the side of a road with no shelter from the harsh weather.

RSPCA appear have no power do anything about it! If a dog was tied up on the side of a busy road, there would be outrage. Both animals matter!

Laws must be passed to stop this terrible cruelty to such sensitive creatures! These animals have no quality of life, it’s an absolute scandal.

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HorseWorld a welfare charity created a #BreaktheChain campaign with the hopes of changing the law. Despite being dubbed as cruel and dangerous this practice remains legal.

Visit the website for further information.

Would be so proud of Wales if they lead the way to finally stop this dreadful practice. The RSPCA is also opposed to the practice as they say compromises animal welfare in so many ways.

Defra Code on practice for horses and the Welsh Government Code of Practice states that horse tethering is not a suitable method of management of an animal. Have to ask why therefore it’s not illegal?

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