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Petition Re-open gyms in Wales to allow people to work on their physical and mental health

Hairdressers are being allowed to open in Wales from March 15th but gyms which are one of the only sectors that support the NHS by keeping people healthy have not been given an opening date.

The data has shown that in the last re-opening of gyms there were 2.06 cases per 100,000 visits which is a minimal amount.

The welsh governments own guidelines also state that when cases per 100k in wales are below 50 per 100k then we should be in tier 1. We are still currently in tier 4.

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Given that cases rates are now low enough to be in tier 1 it seems ridiculous that gyms are not allowed to open as they would in a tier 3 situation in Wales.

New studies have also found that there is a direct link between obesity and deaths related to coronavirus. 90% of all deaths from COVID-19 have come from countries with high obesity rates. Yet we are still not allowed to train in a safe environment to make ourselves healthier and give ourselves a better fighting chance against the virus.

With the above points it is ludicrous that the Welsh government are keeping fitness facilities closed and considering opening hairdressers and non-essential retail before them.

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