Rejected petition Hairdressers and barbers should be entitled to the Restrictions Business Fund COVID grant announced 15th March 2021

Hairdressers have been one of the worst hit industries since the start of COVID pandemic!! We were forced to close with no notice at the busiest time in December! We can’t return to normal business trading due to social distancing within our environment.

In July last year when we were one of the last non essential retail businesses to be allowed to reopen we weren’t given grant support!! This latest review simply isn’t fair!!!!

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Why are we now the first non essential retail businesses to be able to open? The Welsh government has shown minimal support and today’s announcement has confirmed that!!

I now have a £20000 bounce back loan to start repaying and received no self employment relief throughout the pandemic!!

We should be entitled to the latest grant to support the future of this amazing industry. We shouldn’t have to continue to struggle....we need the financial support just as much as every other business

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