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Petition Open facilities for children to be able to attend cheer, dance, gymnastics, performing arts etc

Allow children to attend socially distanced sessions in controlled environments for their sports.

We are living during an obesity/mental health crisis and these essential activities will go a long way to protecting the mental health and well-being of our future young people in Wales.

This uncertainty could go on for months and will have a detrimental impact on mental health & emotional & social wellbeing. 

Allow companies to use the processes that make classes a safe place to be.

More details

Performing Art
Martial arts
The list is endless!

Our children are being deprived of the activities that benefit them emotionally & socially, the activities that for them maps out the next 5-10 years...
our children are being de-skilled, and prevented from attending classes that form part of their future. Classes that they are passionate about, are good at and more importantly may have spent years working towards.
Children need a voice and as adults we can be that voice.
Please help and support our young population to get them back doing what their worlds are all about!
They should not be robbed of anymore classes and should not lose anymore skills.

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